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07 August 2008 @ 04:38 pm


I am so fucking excited.
That is all. :]

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29 July 2008 @ 06:40 pm
So, I fail at updates. >_< Band camp and stuff, bleh. It's really annoying and tiring and stupid. I had a shitty birthday, my neck and face are killing me because of sunburns, and my dad's in the kitchen screaming. I'm hearing shit get shot or knocked over, so I'm about to go into war zone. Uhm, yay?
Well, now that that's over, band camp's brutal. I'm not enjoying it at all. I'm having to pass off the first number in the show [a difficult arrangement of Viva Las Vegas] tomorrow, so that should be, fun. >_< I have to practice tonight.
Just for the record, it's now the 30th. I just fail at good updates.
My teeth are so sore after all of the playing. I'd love to take a good break from it all, you know? Aah.
I bought these little things, and if you put them in water, they're supposed to make dinos! :DD So I have one sitting next to me right now. I can't wait to see if it really works. It's exciting me to great extents, actually. I have about eight of the capsules, so I'm going to keep growing dinos, and send some to Mike. ^_____^
EIGHT MORE DAYSS~~ OHMYGOD I AM SO EXCITED. He wrote to Ms. Jay and said he misses me horribly. It made me smile, because I miss him just as much.
Anyways though, I got my schedule rearranged today. I dropped journalism so I can take it my senior year, and I ended up in Spanish II and having a quarter of marine biology and a quarter of astronomy. So first semester, I have band, US government and economics [each course is a quarter long], marine biology and astronomy [also a quarter long], and Algebra II. Second semester, I have AP English III, AP US History, Chemistry I, and Spanish II. Or Spanish and then chemistry. I don't remember, but that's the basic outline of my schedule. Second semester is still going to murder me though, especially with two trips to Florida that semester and how difficult it'll be. And I need to bring my GPA up from 3.267 to at least 3.7, and then have my grade average brought up from around a 90 to a 94.something so I can graduate with high honors. I can still get honors, but the entire side of my mom's family wants me to get high honors since everybody on that side is really smart, so yeah. I have to make a load of A's next year. That should annoy Mike. >_< "Hey baby girl, it's nine and you haven't called me. Is anything wrong?" "Yeah. I'm about to be done studying for US History and still have two more classes to do." xD Aah. At least me and Señor Ramírez are tight, and my history teacher loves me. And the marine biology and astronomy teacher is amazing. He calls me Oprah. :D
However, I am in desperate need of a shower, as usual, and I have to get my band uniform ready for pictures tomorrow. I'll put up a picture that I took of them on my phone soon. You'll laugh. And then I have to get a photo when I go to competition, and we'll be wearing our cocks [we call them that - the big feather things that stick out of the hat], so you'll be giggling. ^___^
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27 July 1992 @ 11:33 pm

comment to be added.
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