how many times can i break until i shatter?


Hey kid hey, my name is Megan April. I'm single and that's probably not going to change for a long time. I need a haircut really bad, and I can't wait until marching band ends so I can do that. Mike's going to help me slay all of my classes this year. I know somebody that's better than Edward Cullen, because in the sun, he glows and then proceeds to shimmer. My favourite character that was ever on Degrassi is anorexic in real life lolol. I'll be in Orlando in April and May next year - hit me up; we should chill. Florida Wal-Mart's make me happy because they smell nice and have Purell dispensers. Good thing I'm planning on going to college there, eh? I'm going to major in music performance, and if I make it into the Chicago Symphony for a year, I will cry like the people about to be eaten by a parabola monster. I'm about to have to go to a football game though, so I'm going to go off and do that and talk to my favourite oceanography teacher everr. :D

Cute Is What We Aim For completely and truly inspires me. Their new album, Rotation, has inspired me to the point of changing a part of myself that definately needed improving. Rotation has impacted me so dramatically, has changed my perspective for good, has absolutely changed my life. In the entire time I've been listening to music, I've never had anything open my eyes up this much. Their music is so inspirational, so amazing, so mind shattering. I would suggest for all of you to go and pick up the album, go download it. I downloaded it off iTunes, and I wish I had the actual album to hold in my hands. These boys will forever have my support. Cute Is What We Aim For. Best band ever.

Mondays; I sleep away. Tuesdays; I lay awake. Wednesdays; they are the worst. Thursdays; I reminisce. Fridays; I see your face. && I can breathe.
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I am the Ashley Costello of Livejournal. :D
There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion. --Francis Bacon
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